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company news about Why are marine battery design difficult?

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Company News
Why are marine battery design difficult?
Latest company news about Why are marine battery design difficult?

The main challenge in designing batteries and battery packs is how to adapt to a wide temperature range. The operating temperature range of batteries and battery packs themselves is very narrow, but the working environment for ships varies greatly, requiring the battery pack to be able to adapt to a wide temperature range and other harsh external environments.

Previously, marine batteries were always treated as plug and play components, but in electric boats, the role of batteries has changed. Batteries have also become the heaviest and most expensive component in electric boats.

The traditional marine battery was originally a relatively simple component. But in electric ships, various sensors are densely distributed in the power battery pack to monitor the heating status and aging effects of the battery, as well as dynamic thermal load and self-healing effects.
Most importantly, the power battery of electric ships must be designed and developed at the vehicle architecture level, as the operational status of the battery will affect the entire system, and the design, assembly, and maintenance of the power battery module also face many difficulties. At the same time, the main difficulties faced by pure electric ships currently include short range, high cost, easy failure of battery packs, and uneven distribution of charging facilities

Batteries provide energy, but they need to be well managed and controlled in order for other components of electric ships to function properly.
This is where system development thinking can come into play. Compressors, water pumps, motors, auxiliary power modules, and on-board charging modules require various power electronic devices for electric ships, "Kelly said.
So electric ships tend to use large batteries, and high-power batteries require corresponding power devices to transmit energy. The switching frequency of these high-power devices is higher because the faster the switching speed of power devices, the less waste is generated when transmitting electrical energy. Everything that electric ships design around batteries is for energy efficiency, and improving energy efficiency is the bottom line

The LILEAD lithium-ion battery utilizes software to connect the battery through Bluetooth on your phone, allowing you to visually view the changes in voltage and current of each battery cell, energy consumption, charging status, and even energy efficiency and range.
The differences in design, manufacturing, and user experience determine how to develop across domains. The development of electric ship batteries requires a more open integration process, rather than following past methods

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