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company news about What is a good lithium battery for ships?

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Company News
What is a good lithium battery for ships?
Latest company news about What is a good lithium battery for ships?

With the environmental requirements of sustainable environmental development, it will become a trend for fishing vessels in fisheries to switch from fuel driven to electric driven. From the perspective of current battery technology, lithium batteries are the most likely to be used as fishing vessel batteries. So what kind of lithium batteries are good for fishing vessels?
Let's talk about the types of lithium batteries that are good for fishing boats?
Lithium batteries are classified according to raw materials, mainly including lithium iron phosphate batteries, polymer lithium batteries, and ordinary lithium ion batteries,
According to cell packaging, there are mainly three types of cylindrical steel shell lithium batteries, soft package lithium batteries, and square aluminum shell lithium batteries.
1. General lithium ion batteries General lithium ion batteries are inferior to lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and safety performance. Therefore, their equipment prices are relatively low. Of course, they are generally used as lighting energy storage power supplies to meet emergency lighting needs. The placement position is generally a place that can maintain normal temperature. Currently, circular steel shell lithium batteries are mostly ordinary lithium ion batteries, and there are also some customized lithium iron phosphate batteries. In addition to being greatly limited in shape and capacity, cylindrical steel shell lithium batteries are also very large and heavy in volume and weight, and are not an ideal choice for marine batteries.
2. Polymer lithium batteries Polymer lithium batteries are basically in the form of soft packaged lithium batteries, using a laminated production process, so they have a higher degree of freedom in terms of volume, capacity, and appearance design. They are preferred marine lithium batteries that combine small size, light weight, and larger capacity. However, due to their relatively high production costs and high energy density, it is difficult to ensure safety and performance, Therefore, it is difficult to promote the use of batteries for fishing vessels.
3. The performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries is better than that of ordinary energy storage lithium ion batteries. They have high temperature resistance and high current discharge capacity at a certain rate. Ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries have poor low-temperature performance, but improved lithium iron phosphate batteries have slightly better low-temperature performance than nickel hydride batteries and slightly worse than polymer lithium batteries, but their high-temperature performance will decline. In terms of installation cost, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more expensive than nickel hydrogen batteries and lower than polymer lithium batteries. Therefore, most types of marine batteries currently use lithium iron phosphate batteries, as it is more cost-effective to use lithium iron batteries under the same ambient temperature applications. Lithium iron phosphate batteries vary in production technology and materials used by manufacturers, resulting in differences in performance and cycle life.
After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the types of lithium batteries used in fishing boats, it is believed that many fishing boat owners should know how to choose the appropriate type of lithium battery based on the operational characteristics of their fishing boats. Generally speaking, lithium iron phosphate batteries are relatively good lithium batteries for fishing boats.

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LILEAD has produced and manufactured lithium iron phosphate batteries for many years. There are three types of batteries: low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries, high magnification lithium iron phosphate batteries, and conventional lithium iron phosphate batteries. A complete set of standby power supply systems can be designed and customized according to the actual application requirements of marine batteries.

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