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company news about What are the types of lithium batteries used in Chinese lithium-ion electric vehicles?

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Company News
What are the types of lithium batteries used in Chinese lithium-ion electric vehicles?
Latest company news about What are the types of lithium batteries used in Chinese lithium-ion electric vehicles?

At present, there are three types of power lithium-ion batteries: lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, and ternary material batteries. Although ternary materials have been developed domestically and internationally, cobalt is increasingly lacking and the cost is high, making it difficult to apply them in large quantities to power lithium-ion batteries. However, they can be mixed with lithium manganate within a certain range, so the most promising batteries for future power are lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate.
Not long ago, when China's power lithium-ion battery was just beginning to develop, Japan mainly focused on lithium manganate, while the United States focused on both materials. A few years later, Japan achieved great success. However, the largest lithium iron phosphate company in the United States, A123, and currently the world's top lithium iron phosphate company, did not have mainstream electric vehicle bidding projects for their products. On the contrary, lithium manganate has achieved good development in Japan. In China, from the government to enterprises, there is a strong promotion of lithium iron phosphate, which has suppressed the development of lithium manganese oxide in China. However, recent electric vehicle accidents have been caused by lithium iron phosphate. The reason is that lithium iron phosphate contains iron ions, which can turn into elemental iron in special environments, leading to internal micro short circuits and the most taboo substance in batteries. This is also the reason why Japan did not consider lithium iron phosphate at the beginning, Only compared to lithium manganate, except for its defects in high-temperature performance, all other properties are excellent. However, the research on the modification of lithium manganate has made great progress, and Japan has basically overcome the defects of lithium manganate. However, a domestic factory's AL doped modified lithium manganate product is no inferior to Japan, and it is inconvenient to mention its name here. It has been proven that its various properties are very excellent.
In China, although many manufacturers are still obsessed with lithium iron, even the most top manufacturers in China dare not and are unable to launch mature power vehicle products in large quantities. At present, many sober lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers often choose two ways. First, take into account the development of lithium manganate power batteries. Secondly, to develop ternary power, as I have already mentioned, the shortage of resources cannot be compensated. Therefore, I personally believe that manganese acid batteries will be the dominant power source in the future, and ternary materials will be mixed with lithium manganese oxide at most. However, lithium iron phosphate, due to its safety issues, cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is not commendable to use it for power with high safety requirements.
I believe that in the near future, the power dispute between lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate will soon come to an end, and your answer will also be found. I believe that lithium manganese oxide power batteries are currently the best.

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