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company news about The 54 year old Olympic champion, the 78 year old solo global, this is the magic of sailing

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The 54 year old Olympic champion, the 78 year old solo global, this is the magic of sailing
Latest company news about The 54 year old Olympic champion, the 78 year old solo global, this is the magic of sailing

At the age of 54, the athletes are definitely very old, and it can be counted as if they can still run on the racing field at this age. However, Santiago Ranch, the famous Argentine sailor, once again declared with an Olympic gold medal that age has never been the threshold of sailing!


On November 16, 2016, after suffering from illness, left lung resection and other difficulties, the 54 year old Argentine sailor Santiago Lange stood on the Olympic Games for the sixth time, with his female teammate Kalanza as the Argentine delegation, and won the gold medal in the Nocala 17 class catamaran medal round. Not to mention the trouble of illness on athletes, just from the perspective of age, for competitive sports, most athletes will retire at the age of 30 due to injuries, physical strength, physical failure and other reasons.


However, unlike other competitive sports, sailing does not require athletes to have extreme speed, endurance, explosive power and other physical functions. Rather, it tests athletes' skills, strategy formulation and implementation, rich experience in competition, teamwork and other technical capabilities. This provides an opportunity for experienced older sailors to continue to participate in sailing competitions and even international competitions, The more experienced the veteran, the more important the position on the ship.


In fact, if you understand sailing, you will find that age is really not the threshold, and 54 may not really be a veteran. On November 29, 2013, in the 68th Rolex Sydney Hobart Regatta, Syd Fischer, an 85 year old sailing legend from Australia, still boarded the Ragamuffin Loyal as skipper (captain) and won the second place in the race, becoming a highlight of the event. It is hard to imagine what it is like to challenge the Sydney Hobart Regatta, which is known as challenging the limits of mankind, at the age of 85.


In the folk, there are not a few people who are still engaged in sailing with their senior bodies. On November 22, 2016, Keith White, a 67 year old foreign sailing enthusiast, became the first one armed sailor to travel around the world as a disabled person, and returned to England after completing a 4800 mile voyage with only one arm. On November 16, 2012, an old man who was nearly 80 years old in foreign countries successfully circled the world by sailing alone for eight consecutive times. He was awarded the 16th Zhiji Jumura Adventure Award. His name was Saito Shi, who was 78 years old at that time. It is worth mentioning that Saito Shi began to learn sailing at the age of 39.


You may still remember that Sarah, the old lady of the "Qingdao", took part in the Clipper Round the Wld Yacht Race at the age of 69 in the 2015-2016 Clipper Round the Wld Yacht Race Qingdao. Yes, most people think that life at 69 should be about drinking tea, fishing and dancing in the square. Sarah said: My children are grown up and I am retired. It's time to do what I like. You may not think that Sarah has never been exposed to sailing before.


What's more unexpected is that Santiago Langh, who won the Olympic gold medal at the award ceremony, said that this was also their "first opportunity to participate in their own Olympic award ceremony", which seemed to imply that they were still looking forward to participating in the next Olympic Games. Syd Fischer also encouraged young Chinese people to go sailing. If they want to engage in sailing, they just need to find a boat and go to sea. Moreover, it is not too late to be old. Now, are you still saying that you are old?

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