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company news about Saft Launches New Marine Lithium Ion Battery System

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Company News
Saft Launches New Marine Lithium Ion Battery System
Latest company news about Saft Launches New Marine Lithium Ion Battery System

Saft, a subsidiary of Total Energies, recently introduced a new lithium-ion battery system called Seaenergy 2.0 for all electric and hybrid ships. The marine battery is an environmentally friendly and competitively priced solution that can help ship operators reduce fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions and air pollution without affecting performance.
It is reported that the system can be expanded to adapt to propulsion and other loads on the ship. The ship types include ferries, work boats and tugs, maritime support ships, cruise ships and yachts.
Seanergy 2.0 has a high energy density of 130 watt hours (Wh/l) per liter, which is a compact solution even for the most restricted onboard space. Ship integrators can use separate modules to build large battery systems up to 1060 volts (V) with power, security, management, and communication capabilities.
The battery system is designed to provide reliability and long life under the most challenging environmental conditions. In addition, the system is maintenance free and capable of supporting remote status monitoring by uploading operation data to the security server.
The head of Saft said, "We believe that our battery system has made an important contribution to the low-carbon economy. For the shipbuilding industry, Seaenergy 2.0 provides high performance at a lower cost, enabling shipyards and electrical integrators to provide more competitive battery systems for electric and hybrid propulsion in a smaller space“
It is understood that Seanergy 2.0 was produced in Saft's factory in Poitiers, France, and its design conforms to the highest maritime industry standard certification.
LILEAD S200 lithium battery can be perfectly connected to Seaenergy 2.0 system without redeveloping the agreement

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