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company news about Pellini Neville Launches New "Genesis" Sailing Series

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Company News
Pellini Neville Launches New "Genesis" Sailing Series
Latest company news about Pellini Neville Launches New "Genesis" Sailing Series

TISG has announced the launch of a new series consisting of three 48 to 77 meter long Perini Navi sailboats. The fleet, called "Genesis," will include a 48 meter long sailing boat, available in both "racing" and "cruising" versions, a 56 meter long double masted sailing boat designed by Malcolm McKeon, and a 77 meter long Falcon super sailing boat.

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At the press conference, TISG CEO Giovanni Costantino said that this new product line confirmed its increasingly strong position in the future, and added, "Pellini Neville remains the leader in the field of super sailing ships.". He also pointed out that the market "exhibits special sensitivity to our sailboats, and our reputation for design, quality, and innovation will help strengthen the group's expansion and growth strategy.".
Smooth handling and spacious interior space are key elements of the "Genesis" series, and new elements, including blue leather handrails, will become the iconic details of the future Pellini Neville fleet. Vittorio Blengini, TISG's sales manager, said that in terms of design, the series would incorporate all the "typical" and "iconic" elements of the Pellini Neville sailing boat and "re design in a modern way.".
The design will be completed inside the shipyard to enhance the "family feeling" of "shared by each unit" in the TISG project, and "the building will be based on open design" to achieve a "seamless" connection between spaces.

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In all Genesis fleets, the stern is envisioned as an important outdoor relaxation area, equipped with seating and waterfront access. The 77-meter model will be the first platform to install the legendary Falcon mast. The stern will be equipped with a full-size spa beach club, with a folding terrace connected to the stern beach. The renderings show that this super sailboat will also have a front fire pond. The electro-hydraulic mast sail management system will ensure simple and direct operation.

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The 48m is the entry-level product of the series, with two different versions to meet buyers seeking sailing competitions and leisurely cruises. In a statement, TISG said, "The sail operating system will continue to be centralized in two command consoles, equipped with a series of joysticks for easy control by a single person, without the need for a dedicated crew. The superstructure has been redesigned to retain Pellini Neville's unique style cues: side badges, double circular glass stripes that provide bright light, and a closed aft cockpit that provides more privacy."

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The new model will also feature a new hull line that provides limited inclination during navigation, dual rudder, and swing center plates to minimize draft and facilitate access to remote ports and bays. For sustainable development, solar panels and lithium battery applications can also be used as an option for this ship type.
Pellini Neville has achieved historic success within the 56 meter range, with seven 56 meter sailboats currently sailing on the water. Malcolm McKeon's mission is to redesign based on navigational performance. The design will include a complete carbon canvas system and Perini Neville's "sail handling system".
Costantino added, "I am very proud of the new Pellini Neville fleet and the progress achieved so far in the past year. By shifting the comfort of motor yachts to sailboats, we have successfully created a harmonious synergy between the two worlds, thanks to our already strong expertise, which has been strengthened and expanded through the acquisition of Pellini Neville."
At the press conference, Costantino also introduced the Pellini Neville project currently under construction. This includes the 47-meter long "Art Explora", the world's largest aluminum catamaran, scheduled for delivery in August 2023. The 60 meter dhow designed by Ron Holland and R é mi Tessier is scheduled to be delivered in August 2024. The 56 meter sailboat designed by Malcolm McKeon and Winch Design is scheduled to be delivered in July 2025. The 47-meter monomasted sailboat sold in partnership with brokerage firm Edmiston will be delivered in July 2025.

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