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company news about New energy for ship power has become a development trend

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Company News
New energy for ship power has become a development trend
Latest company news about New energy for ship power has become a development trend

As an important means of water transportation, ships can be classified into various types based on different navigation areas, navigation conditions, propulsion methods, power plants, shipbuilding materials, and uses.
According to the classification of existing power plants, existing ships can be classified into steam engine ships, internal combustion engine ships, steam turbine ships, electric ships, and nuclear power ships. With the gradual reduction of fossil fuels and increasingly stringent emission regulations, oil electric hybrid ships are receiving increasing attention. Hybrid ships use a transmission device to couple the diesel engine with the electric motor to achieve operating modes such as diesel engine propulsion alone, electric motor propulsion alone, or hybrid propulsion, thereby adapting to complex and variable operating conditions, avoiding inefficient operation of the diesel engine, and giving full play to the advantages of zero emission of the electric motor in emission restricted areas. Hybrid propulsion has a broad application prospect in the fields of multi-functional engineering ships, offshore supply ships, cruise ships, offshore drilling platforms, and military ships.
Electric ships have become the main form of ship power due to their advantages of environmental protection, zero pollution, safety, and low cost. According to the data disclosed by GGII, the lithium electrochemical penetration rates for ships in 2019 were 0.04%, and the penetration rates are expected to reach 0.55% and 18.5% in 2022 and 2025, respectively. As the penetration rate of lithium electrification on ships continues to increase, its market size will also continue to rise.
The current lithium battery for electric ships uses lithium iron phosphate power batteries, and the future trend of lithium electrification in ships will mainly focus on the following areas: 1) ferries and sightseeing boats in coastal cities along the river; 2) Inland waterway cargo ships; 3) Port tugboat market; 4) Some large and medium-sized ships use lithium batteries to replace lead acid, thereby accelerating the commercialization of lithium batteries for marine use.

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