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company news about LILEAD Launches Marine Lightweight Lithium Battery D125

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Company News
LILEAD Launches Marine Lightweight Lithium Battery D125
Latest company news about LILEAD Launches Marine Lightweight Lithium Battery D125

Born for high-power outboard engines, LILEAD launched a lightweight high-density lithium battery - D125.
The excessive weight of the battery hinders the electrification process of the shipbuilding industry, making it difficult for the shipbuilders to set foot in the high-powered electric ship type. Founded in a country with a leading technology and supply chain of electric vehicles such as China, LILEAD can therefore provide the best solution to this dilemma.
LILEAD is developing 125kWh high energy density lithium battery pack for high-power electric outboard engine, and the energy density of battery cell used is up to 250Wh/kg. The increased energy density of the cell reduces the overall weight of the battery. Therefore, the density of battery pack exceeds 175Wh/kg.
We use liquid cooling technology to achieve high rate charging and discharging capacity, breaking the paradox between ship weight and endurance. While making great innovations in lightweight, we use the same cell as the world's leading electric vehicle to ensure the quality and safety of the battery. DB125 is synonymous with the high performance and safety of ship electric propulsion.
The D125 combines the unique innovative technology of LILEAD - stackable electrical system architecture to provide power for single/double outboard engines, and can adapt to a variety of ship types. In terms of charging mode, LILEAD gives priority to the portability and convenience of users, and D125 is suitable for electric vehicles and mainstream third-party DC fast charging piles to alleviate the current users' anxiety about battery life and charging.
The excellent team of LILEAD has broken the technical bottleneck of the industry and adopted highly humanized design to rapidly and vigorously promote the development pace of the ship industry's electrification. LILEAD is willing to actively cooperate with the ship manufacturers to provide efficient and convenient customized electrification solutions, and jointly promote the clean, intelligent and scientific pace of the ship industry.



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