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company news about How to improve the optimization of energy management on yachts

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Company News
How to improve the optimization of energy management on yachts
Latest company news about How to improve the optimization of energy management on yachts

How we deal with energy on yachts directly affects yacht performance, fuel efficiency and emissions.
Yacht owners and operators are increasingly seeking ways to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
LILEAD lithium battery intelligent energy management system (BMS) provides a method to optimize the use and distribution of energy on board. By integrating this technology with other intelligent onboard systems, a more efficient and sustainable way of onboard energy management can be created.
Intelligent energy generation and distribution on LILEAD lithium battery yacht
Reducing emissions without affecting the comfort of yachts is the key focus of continuous innovation of LILEAD. Through extensive data collection and analysis, an automated platform has been created to intelligently and efficiently manage the energy production, distribution and consumption of its projects.
The platform is an automatic energy and battery management system with an open interface architecture. As a battery smart manufacturer, LILEAD designed this technology to combine many individual technologies unique to each project. Through the advanced control and monitoring system, the yacht can receive and process all relevant battery information, status reports and faults, and perform semi-automatic energy management tasks.
Unlike the traditional lead-acid battery system, LILEAD's system only connects relevant users, while the traditional ship's power management system mainly generates electricity. LILEAD Electrical Design Director D XIE commented, "The system will automatically optimize the energy consumption under different modes according to the power demand, energy storage load and active generator load. The standard provides two modes: comfort mode makes the energy supply unrestricted by consumers, and ecological mode ensures the lowest energy consumption as possible, but any other mode between the two can also be set."
These energy management tasks ensure the yacht's power supply by controlling the number of generators connected to the grid based on the energy required at a time. By using batteries and intelligent control of selected consumer groups, temporary starting of generators can be avoided through calculation prediction, thus optimizing the use of a single generator.
The main advantage of this system is that the yacht is not subject to the interface between multiple independent systems on board, and all information is on the same platform. In addition, the system can be expanded according to the number of projects and systems, and LILEAD can create customized functions and modes according to user usage.
So far, the energy supply and distribution on yachts are mainly independent of automation systems or energy management. However, the LILEAD lithium battery solution combines the two together to achieve efficient energy supply and optimal utilization of machinery on board.

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