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company news about Evolution of all electric yachts

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Company News
Evolution of all electric yachts
Latest company news about Evolution of all electric yachts

Electric yachts use solar panels, electric drive systems, carbon fiber lightweight structures, lithium batteries, and in some cases, hydrofoils and other technologies. The performance, comfort and range of these boats are comparable to those of some traditional powered yachts, and they are cleaner, quieter, similar to Tesla, and sometimes have impressive acceleration curves.
Other green energy solutions can be included as proactive alternatives. Sunreef Yachts usually has two wind turbines on the top of its yacht. However, Lapp is realistic about their abilities.
"Wind turbines can only provide a small part of the energy that our solar panels can provide," he said. Under appropriate conditions, Sunreef's panels usually generate 40 times more energy than turbines. "The advantage of wind power is that it works all the time." Including sailing, at the dock or all night.
These professionals said that in addition to energy, high-performance high-quality batteries are essential. Larger battery packs can ensure more power reserves, but increasing them will affect the performance of the yacht.


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"The weight of the battery pack is also an important factor because it can reduce or improve the overall efficiency," said K ö hler.
Battery performance is also critical for offshore electric boats. One example is the Eelex 8000 of X Shore, which is equipped with a 225 kilowatt high-performance electric engine and two sets of 63 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery packs. It can be charged at any place where there is a power socket, or supercharged using the same technology as electric vehicles.
Elias W ä stberg, project manager of X Shore, said: "With the three-phase power plug, the battery can be fully charged in 5 to 8 hours, and with the booster charger, it can be fully charged in 1 to 2 hours."
"For some customers, zero emission cruise may be just one of the selling points, but its operation cost and maintenance level are much lower than those of ordinary catamarans." K ö hler said.
In addition, there are unquantifiable returns. Lapp said, "You can enjoy the absolute luxury yacht in a completely quiet environment without disturbing the marine life around you." He added that this experience would help shipowners "build better connections with the environment".
Combining this trend with the better performance and uncompromising cruise provided by electric yachts, the future of yachts looks bright and green.

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