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company news about Analysis of lithium batteries used on yachts

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Company News
Analysis of lithium batteries used on yachts
Latest company news about Analysis of lithium batteries used on yachts

The energy storage and power system currently used on yachts are modified by lithium batteries in the following aspects


Lithium battery has the advantages of high specific energy, high charge-discharge ratio and low self-discharge, which can improve the power performance and maneuverability of yachts.
Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries or fuel engines, lithium batteries are more environmentally friendly, safe and energy-saving, and can reduce the operating costs and maintenance costs of yachts2.
Lithium batteries can be combined with renewable energy such as solar panels and wind power generation to form a hybrid power system to further improve the endurance and self-sufficiency of yachts3.
Of course, lithium battery modification also has some challenges and risks, such as:
The price of lithium battery is high, which requires large initial investment.
Lithium battery may overheat, short circuit, fire and other accidents during charging and discharging, and professional BMS (battery management system) and fire fighting equipment are required.
The application of lithium batteries on ships still lacks unified standards and specifications, and needs to be communicated and coordinated with relevant departments
LILEAD lithium battery has a compatible BMS management system and professional modification experience. For more information, please contact us

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