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company news about Advantages of lithium battery only for marine battery

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Company News
Advantages of lithium battery only for marine battery
Latest company news about Advantages of lithium battery only for marine battery

Advantages of lithium battery only for marine battery


For the last couple of years, the bigger new cruise ships, particularly those in the high end, have been equipped with lithium boat batteries. Arcona, for example, says that 90 percent of its bigger yachts are now equipped with such equipment. Similarly, the technology is being used more and more in racing circles, whether in the IMOCA 60's and the Fast 40's, or in the smaller IRC boats competing in RORC's offshore races.


The benefits include a massive reduction in physical size and weight, as well as a radical increase in the number of charging and discharging cycles. Typically, the best lithium-ion battery will withstand four to five times the number of cycles compared to most deep cycling lead acid batteries.


Although the economic case for lithium boat batteries has improved, this is rarely the prime driver behind owners' motivation. In simple terms, they are more suitable for the increasingly complicated and power-hungry yachts of the day. The lithium-ion battery can even keep the air-conditioning running overnight, without the need for a generator.


Similarly, a lithium-based system could store enough energy to make it possible to switch from gas to electric induction cooking, or from gasoline to electric.


In METS last year, Ken Whittamore, the managing director of Triskel Marine, who developed an ultra efficient Integel charging system, told the audience that 20 years ago, a typical cruise yacht used about 1kWh of electricity every day. Today, his Hallberg Rassy 42 is equipped with an electric cooker, a water heater and an outboard motor, which uses 5-6 kWh every day.
Similar sized boats equipped with air conditioners can double these figures, and the value of large yachts will rise rapidly - 50-60 foot multi hull boats with air conditioners can use 20-30 kilowatt hours per day. Put these figures in context, the average size of Nordic households uses about 10-12 kWh per day, on average more than a year.
This proves the efficiency and diversity of the charging systems available today, which can usually achieve such a large power use without resorting to generators. This in turn makes cruise yachts more resilient in terms of reliability, and they can be self-sufficient for a longer period of time without refueling.

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