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company news about 4. Application Cases and Prospects of Lithium Batteries for Yachts

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Company News
4. Application Cases and Prospects of Lithium Batteries for Yachts
Latest company news about 4. Application Cases and Prospects of Lithium Batteries for Yachts

latest company news about 4. Application Cases and Prospects of Lithium Batteries for Yachts  0


Lithium batteries are a new type of energy storage device with advantages such as high energy density, high charging and discharging efficiency, long lifespan, and environmental protection. They have been widely applied and promoted in the field of yachts. With the rapid development of ship electrification, the application scenarios and market prospects of lithium batteries in yachts are increasingly showing enormous potential and attractiveness. This article will introduce some application cases and prospects of lithium batteries in yachts, in order to provide readers with some reference and inspiration.
Application Case 1: Yidong Technology and Zhongchuangxin Aviation Development Cloth Marine Battery New Product
In March 2023, Yidong Technology made its debut at the 2023 Shanghai International Yacht Show and launched the new E-series marine lithium batteries and self-developed ship battery system solutions with China Innovation Airlines. They also collaborated with Fayi to launch the 42C new energy catamaran .
Yidong Technology is a global leader in the shipbuilding electrification industry, providing a range of related products including electric outboard engines, electric inboard engines, and marine lithium batteries. It also has the ability to provide globally leading integrated solutions for ship electric propulsion systems. China Innovation Airlines is a leading global new energy technology enterprise committed to becoming an energy value creator. Through years of deep cultivation in the electric ship power and backup market, it has launched multiple types of battery cells, modules, and battery packs certified by domestic and foreign classification societies.
The strategic cooperation reached this time is to help both parties further improve their product system, technical strength, product quality, and service quality in the field of new energy boats, provide users with higher quality marine battery products, and create a more high-quality water green travel experience.
The two new E-series marine lithium battery products E60 and E163 launched this time have battery capacities of 3072 watt hours and 8345 watt hours, respectively. They are compatible with the Evo 1-6 kW thrusters in the Spirit and Navy series of Yidong, and can support up to 16 batteries in parallel; E163 adopts an all metal shell with higher structural strength, which can effectively prevent water, impact, and drop; For the convenience of users, a lightweight and user-friendly design is adopted. The E60 battery weighs only 33 kilograms and has a height of only 30 centimeters, which is convenient for single person handling and can be flexibly installed at the bottom of the cabin seat or other spaces


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